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Concrete can be a very durable material, but it’s prone to chipping and discoloration.

You want your concrete floors to look their best for years to come. But you don’t have the time or money to replace them with new ones.

We are Budget Epoxy Flooring Pro, and we’re here for you! We resurface concrete floors with decorative epoxy in residential homes and commercial businesses. Our special formula protects against rust, mold, mildew and even scuff marks from shoes!

You don’t have to settle for a concrete floor that’s boring or uncomfortable. We offer decorative epoxy coating services at an affordable price so you can transform your concrete into a beautiful surface that looks great and feels great.

Our team of experts has the experience needed to resurface your concrete with high-quality decorative epoxy coating in any design you want. Whether it’s just one room or an entire building, we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure we get the job done right!

Epoxy Garage Floor

Standard benefits: - We're the best in the industry. - You can walk on it and drive on it. Emotional benefits: - Your garage will look like a showroom floor. - Give your home an upgrade without breaking the bank!

Decorative Epoxy Concrete

Standard benefits: - Your floor will be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. Emotional benefits: - You'll have a one of a kind look in your home or business. - Get ready for compliments from everyone who sees it

Epoxy Floor Flake System

Standard benefits: - Increase the value of your home - Create a beautiful floor that's easy to maintain Emotional benefits: - Give your room an amazing new look

Epoxy Commercial Flooring

- Your floor will be more durable and resistant to scratches. - You'll have a showroom quality floor for less than you would spend on a new carpet. - Have your store looking like an upscale boutique with minimal effort!

epoxy industrial flooring

- Your flooring will be protected from scratches and spills. - You'll save money with our affordable pricing - You'll never have to worry about your floor getting dirty again. - Your floors will be shinier than ever before.

Epoxy Home Flooring

- Get your floors looking like new again. - Increase the value of your home by $2,000 to $5,000 per room. - Flaunt a gorgeous floor that is perfect for entertaining guests. - Add an extra layer of protection against spills and stains

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What Is Epoxy And Why Do I Need It For My Commercial Concrete Floors?

  • Epoxy is a great way to protect your commercial concrete floors from stains and scratches
  • There are two types of epoxy that can be used on concrete - clear or colored
  • Epoxy is a great way to keep your concrete floors looking new
  • Once applied, both types should last for years without fading or chipping away at all!
  • Clear epoxy will provide protection without changing the appearance of the floor, while colored epoxy will change the color of your flooring
  • Epoxy can be applied in any color you want, including metallic colors

A Few Of Our Projects

Aiken, SC

If you’re looking for a great place to live in the Aiken area, then you should definitely consider coming to Aiken. This town has something for everyone and it’s hard not to find an activity that will interest you here. There are plenty of places where people can go out and have fun with their friends or family members all throughout the year. The friendly atmosphere makes it easy for new people to come into town and feel welcomed, too!

Aiken South Carolina is a great place to live.

Aiken is an extremely welcoming town where the people are friendly and go out of their way to help newcomers assimilate into the community.

There’s plenty for people in Aiken, SC to do all year round; there will always be something interesting happening that you can participate in whether it be with friends or family.


Aiken, South Carolina

The cost of living here is much more affordable than many other places, which means that anyone who wants a less stressful lifestyle can come here without worrying about financial stressors like paying high rent prices every month or buying more food if they’re on tight budgets.

It doesn’t matter what type of person you are – single mom, retired veteran, college student – this town offers a great quality of life with plenty to offer for all types.

This town is a clean, safe place that offers nice amenities. A new Walmart has opened recently which came very much appreciated by people who live in Aiken SC. There are also many sports fields and parks that can be found around the city if you’re looking for some outdoor time. There’s something here to please everyone!

The outdoor activities are just the beginning of what Aiken offers. One can also enjoy a lot at the nearby Augusta National Golf Course, which is located just minutes away from Aiken.

Aiken has many historic sites which are worth visiting if you find yourself in this area, including King’s Mountain and Clemson House Museum

– there are plenty of different grocery stores that carry all types of food – organic produce, fresh bakery goods

– live music or theater shows happen almost every night for people to attend

You’ll be hard pressed to find another town as peaceful and relaxing as Aiken! The population size ensures that everyone knows their neighbors and they’re always willing to help out when needed! People who come here seem to never want to leave. It really has that kind of magic.

The horse industry is a huge part of Aiken’s economy, with many farms and the world-famous Augusta National Golf Course located just minutes away from Aiken.

Aiken also has plenty to offer for outdoor enthusiasts – there are miles of scenic hiking trails that surround the town

There are two major universities in Aiken (Clemson University and Francis Marion University) which make it a great place if you’re looking for an affordable option or want to be close to your college campus!

If you enjoy golfing, fishing, hunting or any other type of sport this area offers some prime locations – including Lake Thurmond State Park where visitors can enjoy swimming, boating on the lake as well as more than 120 acres worth of wildlife management areas that are home to deer, turkey and grouse.

There’s also a wide variety of live music performances that take place annually in Aiken at the Aiken Municipal Auditorium which is home to some of South Carolina’s most popular artists!

A number of baseball fields are scattered throughout Aiken for players who love the sport – including time spent on The Campus Diamond which has been around since 1922 making it one of the oldest high school ballparks still in use today!

If you’re looking for a new restaurant experience there are plenty from casual dining options like Joe Muggs or Rockin’ Taco to upscale dining experiences such as Ruth Chris Steak House with menus featuring everything from fresh seafood dishes to rich chocolate desserts.

Stop by and visit Aiken Fine Art Gallery for an exhibition of cherished works by a variety of artists, or the Aiken Museum and History Center to explore local history with displays that showcase different periods in Aiken’s past.

A number of churches provide spiritual guidance as well as places such as The Salvation Army Family Storehouse which is open Monday-Friday providing many families access to basic necessities at low cost prices!

Residents also enjoy taking their children on field trips to one of Aikens’ most famous landmarks – Fort Prince Charles Historic Park. Built over 250 years ago, it served both sides during the Revolutionary War before being converted into a public park today where school groups come from all around South Carolina just to experience its historic significance first-hand!

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Best Commercial Concrete Coatings In The Aiken, SC Area

Commercial Concrete Coatings are an important part of any commercial or industrial project. They protect the concrete from damage, and they also provide a nice aesthetic to the building. Concrete is a very tough material that can withstand heavy loads and traffic without breaking down for decades at a time. However, concrete does need some form of protection if it’s going to last for years on end in both commercial and industrial settings.

What is a Commercial or Industrial Concrete Coating?

A commercial concrete coating is a protective layer that is added to the surface of your concrete in your shop or business. It’s designed to protect it from damage and wear, as well as give it aesthetic appeal! Concrete coatings come in many different finishes, such as glossy or textured. Industrial Concrete coatings can withstand a number of worldly hazards, from chemical spills to acid.

Concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world! It’s also extremely versatile, durable, and economical. But without a protective layer of commercial or industrial coatings to help it last longer than just its first few years on earth…well let’s be honest here – that concrete would look pretty darn rough after not too long at all. That being said though, while there are many different types of coating out there for you to choose from depending on what your needs may be (as well as how much money you’re looking spend) they can’t really do their job if they aren’t applied correctly either so make sure that whoever does this project knows exactly what they’re doing before taking any risks.

Why Use a Commercial Concrete Coating?

Concrete coatings are used to protect your concrete from the many hazards that can wear it down in your shop or business. For example, chemical spills or acid attacks will become ineffective against the surface of your concrete if its been coated beforehand! Additionally, when you use one of these liners in place of paint on any given project, there’s less chance for peeling and chipping than with traditional applications. This is because you’re not using such a heavy layer of protection that it could peel off easily over time.

What Types Of Commercial Concrete Coatings Are There?

There are two types of commercial and industrial grade coating: epoxy-based coatings and polyurethane coatings. Epoxy-based may have some advantages for industrial applications, but polyurethane is often more popular in this arena. Polyurethane coatings have a removable base layer that can be peeled off if you want to repaint the surface of your concrete at some point in time – and they’re also highly resistant to paint stripper chemicals!

If you’re looking for something durable with repellent properties, then epoxy-based would be best. You may need less maintenance than what’s required with one of these types. On the other hand, if you’re not so keen on using an epoxy coating because it needs regular upkeep (removing dirt from it every day), then opt for something like polyurethane.

How To Choose The Best One For Your Commercial And Industrial Needs.

Most commercial concrete coatings are designed to last for years, and most industrial ones are resistant to chemical damage. A commercial strength epoxy is often used in restaurants, grocery stores and cafes to protect the surface from stains. Industrial concrete coatings are designed for big projects where acid is present because they can withstand that kind of chemical damage.

-A commercial grade sealant should be able to provide protection against water while maintaining its color qualities over time with little fading around corners.

Industrial grade coatings are also water resistant, but they may not be in the same way as a commercial grade sealant.

-A good industrial coating will have high UV resistance to protect against any kind of sun damage while still maintaining its color quality over time. Commercial coatings do not need this protection and can even fade without it.

-Commercial Epoxy sealants are the most durable and abrasion resistant, but may need touchups or repairs in about five years. Stained acrylic polymerized emulsions will start to wear down after three-five years depending on environmental factors like temperature or location.

-An epoxy sealant is one of the toughest, longest lasting types available because it’s so thick and strong from day one when applied correctly by a professional who knows what they’re doing with that type of product (versus an acrylic polymerized emulsion). Epoxies can last up to 5+ years without any major issues before needing touch ups or repairs due to their extreme durability starting out versus other options which only typically have 3-5 year life spans at best.

Keep your concrete as beautiful as possible with the best protective coatings- we offer commercial and industrial concrete flooring. Not only will it make your floors look strong, but it will also keep them sturdy- making sure they last a long time and can be enjoyed for many more years!

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Our Epoxy Floor Warranty protects your floors and backs it up. Whether you want to use a classic color palette or an innovative one, we’ve got beautiful options that will last for years (and come with our unbeatable 15 Year Warranty). And whether you’re looking to cover 50 sq ft or 5000 sq ft, in one room or the whole house, we can work on any job.