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What is the cheapest option available within Concrete Coatings?

Concrete coatings provide a variety of benefits, including protection and aesthetic enhancement.

What is a Concrete Coating?

A concrete coating is a protective layer that can be applied to new or existing concrete surfaces. Concrete coatings come in two primary forms: solvent-based (water-based) and water-based (oil-based). Both types adhere well to various surfaces, including concrete, masonry, stucco, brick, and tile.


Concrete Coating Options

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials on the planet. It can last for decades without any special treatment, but it does require some maintenance. If you want to keep your concrete looking good for years to come, you need to protect it with a protective coating. A quality coating will help preserve the look and feel of your concrete while preventing damage from weathering and other factors.


Our product line is designed to fit any budget or application

Our product line is designed to fit any budget or application. Our concrete coating is available in various colors and textures and has an unlimited color palette. You can choose from our standard colors or customize your color palette.

Our products are easy to apply, providing a quick turnaround time. We offer free shipping on all orders, and our technicians can assist with the application if needed.


If you are looking for a cheap coating that can add durability and improve the look of your concrete, we recommend one of the following coatings for your project: Water Based Epoxy

This is one of the most popular options regarding concrete coatings. Water-based epoxy is usually made from high-quality polymers, resins, and solvents. It’s easy to apply, durable and ha,s a glossy finish that makes it perfect for use in any commercial or residential area. The most significant advantage of water based epoxy is its low cost compared to other types of concrete coating. It’s also one of the most accessible types of coating to apply and maintain once used.


Solvent Based Epoxy

The most common type of concrete floor coating is solvent-based epoxy. This type of coating has several advantages, such as its high resistance to abrasion and chemical corrosion and its extreme durability. The downside of a solvent-based epoxy is that it can be more challenging to apply and is more expensive than water-based coatings.


Water-Based Epoxy

A water-based epoxy is also an excellent option for concrete floors, especially if you are concerned about the potential health risks associated with solvent-based coatings. A water-based coating will allow you to avoid using harmful chemicals in your home or business.


Urethane Cement Mortar

Urethane cement mortar is a low-cost option used on interior or exterior concrete. This mortar is made with an adhesive and a primer, mixed with cement and water. It works well as a surface finish for new concrete but will not withstand heavy traffic and may cause cracks in older concrete.


Polyurethane Mortar

Polyurethane mortars are similar to urethane cement mortars but contain polyurethanes instead of adhesives. Polyurethanes are elastic compounds that create a flexible surface from the inside out, making them more durable than standard cement renderings. These mortars should be applied over a good base coat to avoid cracking and peeling.


Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain is the most economical option available within Concrete Coatings. It can be used on all surfaces to create beautiful colors, add texture and protect your concrete from stains, chemicals, salt, and more.

Concrete Stain is a water-based dye that is easy to apply with a brush or roller. Once dry, it remains flexible and non-cracking.

Concrete Stain comes in various colors and patterns that can be mixed to create your custom color.

There are two types of concrete stains: semi-transparent and opaque.

Semi-transparent stains are translucent (you can see through them) and give the appearance of the surface being stained rather than painted over. These types of stains require multiple coats for full coverage but do not need to be removed between coats like traditional paints would require. Opaque pigments are opaque (not translucent) and provide a full range with one coat application. Still, they must be removed between coats with water or solvent-based cleaners, depending on what type you choose for your project (i.e., acrylic latex or oil-based).


Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is a product that contains water and a small amount of solvent. It can protect a concrete driveway, patio, walkway, or another surface. The sealer locks in moisture and protects the surface of the concrete from stains and damage caused by oil or grease. Sealers are available in many different colors, which can be used to create patterns on your driveway or patio.


Types of Concrete Sealing

There are two main types of concrete sealing products: penetrating sealers and non-penetrating sealers. Penetrating sealers soak into the pores of the concrete, filling them with a protective coating that helps prevent water damage. Non-penetrating sealers sit on top of the surface and harden into a protective layer over time.

A penetrating sealer will usually last longer than a non-penetrating sealer because it penetrates the pores of your concrete and seals them up with a protective coating. This prevents water from penetrating through your concrete and causing more damage than necessary. The penetrating sealer is also easier to apply than the non-penetrating sealer because it does not require special application equipment.


Urethane Concrete Sealer

Urethane concrete sealer is one of the least expensive options for protecting your concrete. Urethane is a liquid sprayed onto a freshly poured concrete surface, then allowed to dry. Once it’s dry, it provides a protective coating that prevents stains from penetrating the ete. This makes it ideal for sealing large areas with heavy foot traffic, such as driveways or patios.

Urethane is also highly resistant to UV light and other environmental factors such as oil and grease. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces and has a high gloss finish that looks great on any flooring material.

Urethane tends to be more expensive than other types of concrete sealers because it requires more preparation before application and has to be applied by professionals with special equipment. However, if you want maximum protection from stains and spills, this type of sealer is one of the best available today.


Epoxy flooring is the cheapest opener

Epoxy flooring is the cheapest option and is not too difficult to apply. The epoxy comes in a two-part system that you mix and then pour over your concrete floor. It can be used thick or thin, depending on your needs. If you want to coat the entire bottom, you will need to apply multiple coats of the mixture. After the epoxy has dried and cured, it will provide a durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic and even moisture exposure.

Epoxy is one of the most popular types of concrete coatings because it provides excellent durability while giving your home or business an attractive appearance at an affordable price.


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